Minor domestic worker is related to the baby found in a dump

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All rights reserved, intellectual property ©2022 TZMG Media.A 16-year-old minor, originally from Puebla and a cleaning worker, is related to a newborn found lifeless inside a garbage container in the Las Cumbres Virreyes neighborhood of Zapopan, as confirmed by the mayor, Juan José Frangie saade."The report I have so far is that she worked in a house, housework and that when the owner of the house arrived, she found her, she was taken to the hospital and this morning she was already accompanied by the DIF."The minor who yesterday afternoon entered a private hospital in Guadalajara, is originally from San Juan Tepulco, municipality of Acajete, state of Puebla, for approximately 15 days she has been working cleaning in a house in the Vista Vento apartment tower.Regarding the possible sanction for the employer family, the mayor said that this could be determined by the Public Ministry and for now the legal situation is in the hands of the Jalisco State Prosecutor's Office.It may interest you: Rain nests reach more ZMG coloniesAll rights reserved, intellectual property ©2022 TZMG Media.